Trainability 40%
Shedding 55%
Energy 60%
Watchdog 55%
Good with children 45%
Popularity 60%


Husky is a general name given to a type of dog that is used to pull sleds in the northern region. Husky is differentiated from other sled dogs types by their fast pulling style. They are the fastest dogs that are an ever changing cross breed. Huskies are used in sled dog lacing and also today they have started to be kept as pets.


Husky is a type of dog that is energetic and athletic and usually has a double coat that can of color gray, black, copper red, or white. They are mostly known for their pale blue eyes, although they may also have green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, or even yellow eyes. The dogs commonly do have different colored eyes a trait that is referred to as heterochromia of the eye and can run up to 50 mph. Their eyes are oval shaped and medium sized and moderately spaced. The color of the nose may depend upon the dog’s coat color which may be black in gray, tan or black dogs, liver in copper dogs and fresh colored in white dogs. The most common colors are white and black, red and white, gray and white, brown, wolf gray, silver, red orange with black tips, sable and white, dark gray and white. The very common coat pattern is piebald.


The husky are very affectionate and have a very sweet temperament and require a very high level of activity everyday as they are curious dogs. They are large in appearance, extremely energetic and they love running and pulling on their toys. They require a large area a fenced space so that they can be able to get rid of their pent up energy. Their temperament is also known to have a high prey drive this is due to their breeding style to be curious work dogs. They sometimes want to attack and prey on small animals like squirrel, rabbits, house cats, and birds which is natural for them.


The short coat of the husky dog should not mislead you. These dogs need a high maintenance when it comes to grooming. Its short coat is dense and it normally sheds all year round and only blows twice a year. To groom the dog spray the dog with a conditioner while brushing through the coat but make sure you prevent the loose hair from becoming airborne. Brush everywhere including areas under the collar and where the legs connects and make it to be a habit in order to keep the husky well groomed.


The huskies do need a fair exercise which includes a daily walk or jogging, but it should not be exercised excessively during warm weather. They need a yard that has a high fence and the wire be buried at the base of the fence as they are likely to dig it up and go off hunting. If the husky doesn’t get enough mental and physical exercise it may be destructive.

Height & Weight

The height of a male husky is 21 – 231/2 inches (50 – 60cm) Females 20-22 inches (51-56cm)
The weight of a male husky is 45- 60 pounds (201/2- 27kg) Females 35-50 pounds ( 16 – 221/2kg)

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