Trainability 50%
Shedding 35%
Energy 65%
Watchdog 90%
Good with children 30%
Popularity 60%


When we think of big dogs, the first thing that pops into our heads is the Great Dane. This breed is definitely one of the biggest available in the world. The Great Dane is known as the “Apollo of all dogs” because it is a very old and elegant breed. Drawings of these dogs have been seen on Greek money and Egyptian monuments from as early as 3000 B.C. They were originally believed to be a mix of old English Mastiffs, Wolfhounds and Greyhounds. They are amazing hunter dogs but are used as watchdogs and tracking dogs as well. Listed here below are just some of their best traits.


When the name Great Dane comes up, people often refer to it as the “Scooby-Doo dog” or the “Marmaduke dog”. They are not wrong because both Scooby and Marmaduke are Great Dane’s. They are massive dogs that are very powerful. The females are longer rather than taller but they too are big. Their muzzle is a deep one and their nose is usually black. They have medium sized, dark eyes as well as medium sized ears that are found high on their heads. The ears stand up straight if cropped or droop forward near the cheek if they are left natural. They have long, strong legs that are perfectly straight. They have dark toenails on rounded feet. Their tails are broad at the base and taper towards the tip. Their fur is thick and short and they come in colors such as black, fawn, blue, merle, brindle and harlequin.


The Great Dane is one of the softest dogs available. They are called the “gentle giant” in spite of their size. They love to be in the midst of people and children and are fun loving, patient, affectionate and charming. They are not barkers and only become aggressive if and when attacked or trained to. They are very courageous and trustworthy. They make perfect watchdogs and are extremely loyal to their owners. In order to train a Great Dane, the owner should start from the puppy stage because once they are older; it becomes very difficult for the dog to grasp any command given to them.


This breed has a short coat which is very easy to groom and maintain. They should be brushed with a firm brush daily to ensure that their coat stays shiny and smooth. Because of the sheer size of the dog, bathing a Great Dane can be a great pain. So, it is best to groom the dog daily and bathe them once a week. Their nails must be kept short at all times. They shed on an average level during the seasons.


This is a large breed with a high level of energy and that is why they should be taken for daily walks and runs if possible. They do not respond well to closed-in locations without any exercise. These dogs need to burn their energy on a daily basis if not they become aggressive and disobedient.

Height & Weight

The height of the Great Dane can vary from 30 to 34 inches for males and 28 to 32 inches for females. Their weight averages from 120 to 200 pounds for males and 100 to 130 pounds for females.

The Great Dane is an elegant pet and a loyal companion. They are good watchdogs and are playful around people and children. They are one of the oldest breeds that date back to early times of Greece and Egypt. They live for about 10 years and can go up to 13 years if properly maintained and exercised.

Enjoy our readers dogs below..

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