Trainability 80%
Shedding 40%
Energy 65%
Watchdog 55%
Good with children 60%
Popularity 50%


Germany has always aimed for perfection in everything they do. This trait had left them looking for the perfect hunting dog that could do it all and what they came up with was the German Short-haired pointer. This breed is a mix of the regular scent hounds found in Germany and the English Pointer. The English Pointer added speed and stamina to the already perfected hunting dogs of the German hunters. The result was tremendous. This new breed could do it all, track, retrieve and point to both fur and feather. They were excellent in water as well as in the field and made great companions at home as well. Let us take a look at some of its traits.


This is an all purpose dog that is extremely versatile and an amazing gundog. Their bodies are not too big and their heads are in proportion to their bodies. The head is broad and the top is round. The sides are arched just a bit. The muzzle is almost the same size of the dog’s skull and they have a large brown nose with big wide nostrils for a precise sense of smell. Their ears are located high on their heads and hang on the sides. Their teeth are usually in the common scissor shape when the mouth is closed. Their feet are webbed and compact and their tails are usually cut to a little less than half of their original size. The coat of the German short-haired pointer is quite thick and feels rough although it is short. It is slightly longer under the tail and is thinner, softer and shorter near the ears and head. The coat comes in a few colors such as liver and white, liver roan and solid silver.


This breed is one of the most energetic breeds and is a natural hunting dog. They are very protective and extremely clever. They love their family and are people pleasing animals. Because of its energy, they love enjoying activities such as long walks, games, hiking, hunting etc. They are very comfortable around people and do well around children. They are perfect for competitive activities and usually come out on top. Overall, the breed is a very good dog for competitions and high energy activities. If they are kept away from exercise on a regular basis, they tend to get frustrated and they refuse to listen to commands by their owners.


The Shorthaired has a relatively short coat which makes it very easy to maintain and clean. The use of a firm brush daily will leave the coat smooth and shiny. They should be given baths only when required. Because the dog has webbed feet, these dogs should be checked carefully when bathing them. Their ears should also be checked regularly to make sure they are clean. After exercising or hunting, they should be bathed and dried completely to ensure that the dog does not get sick. They do not shed too much hair.


As mentioned earlier, these dogs should be exercised daily for a minimum of about half an hour. Families who do not go out often should avoid keeping these dogs because they require maximum exercise. Their energy levels are very high and they need to burn it on a daily basis through long and brisk walks and other outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting. If they do not leave the house regularly, they become very temperamental and destructive.

Height & Weight

The average height of this breed is 23 to 25 inches for males and 21 to 23 inches for females. Their weight averages at 55 to 70 pounds for males and 45 to 60 pounds for females.

The Short-haired is a perfect hunting dog that has a deadly mix of energy, speed and stamina. They do well around people and especially children and are perfect companions to an energetic family. Maintaining this dog is easy as long as a proper exercise routine is kept on a daily basis.

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