Trainability 75%
Shedding 40%
Energy 65%
Watchdog 80%
Good with children 45%
Popularity 85%


Choosing a big dog as a pet can be difficult as there are many different breeds available but one of the most selected and one of the best dogs in this category is the German Shepherd. Originally found in Germany, this dog is a mix between longhaired, wirehaired and shorthaired farm dogs. They are perfect guard dogs as they are extremely obedient. Although the longhaired variety was commonly found earlier, the short coat breed is now one of the favorite ones. These dogs are very good looking animals and are shown in competitions all around the world. Listed below are some of the breed’s best qualities.


The German Shepherd breed is a well proportioned, sturdy and strong dog. The body is long and muscular and the head is in proportion to the body. The forehead of the dog is rounded just a bit. The teeth meet to form a powerful scissors bite and its eyes are dark and shaped like almonds. The nose is usually black but can sometimes be blue or even liver colored. These dogs are not chosen to be show dogs because it is considered a flaw. The ears are broad at the base and taper slightly towards the tip and face forward. The ears of the puppies may bend forward a bit but they get straightened as they grow. The dog has a bushy tail which hangs down near the hind legs. The legs of the German shepherd are strong and very muscular and the feet are round and have hard soles. Usually there are three types of German shepherd namely the longhaired coat, plush coat and the double coat. The most common coat color is all black with a tan but they can be found in white, liver and blue. These are considered faulty and are not commonly found. The white variety is named the American White Sheppard and there is a new type called the Panda Sheppard which is almost 40% white and the rest is tan and black.


When it comes to German shepherd’s, temperament is something owners should not be worried about. They are very playful and comfortable dogs to be around. They enjoy being surrounded by people and should never be left alone on a constant basis. They are loyal to their owners and will do anything to protect them. This is the main reason they are commonly used as police dogs. They are one of the smartest breeds and are trained very easily because they are eager to learn all the time. As most dogs, they should be trained from the puppy stage and should be trained in a calm yet confident manner. Improper training can result in skittish or aggressive dogs which is not their natural instinct. They are trained in rescuing injured people when they are used by the police and military. Many people see the size of the animal and are automatically afraid but they are just the opposite. They love interacting with new people and are extremely comfortable around children.


Because of its coat, the German shepherd can be quite difficult to maintain but with a regular brushing, their coat can remain soft and shiny. Bathing the dog once or twice a week is sufficient and helps maintain a glossy coat. Using a firm brush will help greatly in maintaining their fur. They shed continuously when brushing but it is increased during certain months. Dry shampooing the dog, helps a lot when it comes to its shedding season


This is of utmost importance for this breed as they have a lot of energy to burn. A good, strenuous workout everyday is essential for a German shepherd. A good fifteen minute walk or jog should be followed by proper training in a specific activity. While on their walk, the owner should encourage the dog to heel and sit beside or behind the owner as it shows them who the leader is. They love to play with balls and Frisbees and can run very fast.

Height & Weight

The average German shepherd’s height can reach 24 to 26 inches for males and 22 to 24 inches for females. Their weight can reach 77 to 85 pounds.

These dogs are perfect companions and amazing guard dogs. They are strong and loyal dogs and they are capable of doing anything for their families. While choosing a big dog as a pet, these are usually the number one choice and the above mentioned points show why they are at the top of the dog chain.

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