Trainability 65%
Shedding 35%
Energy 60%
Watchdog 40%
Good with children 65%
Popularity 40%


Most people that are passionate about dogs would like to keep those that are usually small in size so that they are easier to maintain and take care of. However, keeping a big dog at home as your pet has its own advantages altogether. With the many different big sized dogs, one of the most distinguished is the collie. Ever heard of a dog named “Lassie”? Collies were made famous by this celebrity pet all across the world. Including many different breeds and types, this distinctive breed is a herding dog and originates from Northern England and Scotland. Let us take a close look at some important information about the Collie and see what makes this breed such a delightful companion.


The Collie is a sturdy, large and extremely strong dog. With arched eyebrows and a flat skull it has a rounded muzzle with a black nose and a head shaped like a wedge. Its teeth straight and meets at a scissor bite and its face is very distinct and chiseled. Most Collies have almond shaped eyes that are usually dark brown or blue in the case of Merles. This breed has ears that stand erect with the tips bent forward. The body is a little longer than its height, with a long neck and straight legs. The tail is low-lying and very long and usually curls at the end in an upward twirl. The Collie comes in two types of coats, one is rough and the other is smooth. The rough coat type is long and dense all over the body except for the head and the legs, and forms a mane close to the head and chest. While the outer part of the coat is rough, the underlying section is soft and smooth. The smooth coat type of Collie has a short coat all over the body. There are different varieties of coat colors that come with both rough and smooth coat Collies, tricolored black, tan and white, white and sable, tricolor with distinct blue markings.


This breed is extremely intelligent and a very versatile pet. It is extremely well-mannered, sensitive, loyal and very easy to train. Unlike other dogs, this pet is good around other dogs without being hostile. They are naturals at herding and puppies must be trained well to learn how to herd. Collies love children and are very protective of family members. They are playful pets and very faithful to their owners. They have a very uncanny sense of direction and an extremely energetic and vibrant outdoors. These dogs need to be kept around people so that they don’t get hostile and wary of people they do not recognize. Although this breed is not considered as aggressive, they can sense unstable vibes from strangers. Collies need an owner who is extremely confident and firm, yet calm in his training ways, or else the pet can turn out to be stubborn and willful.


The coat of this breed is long and needs a lot of care and attention. A good weekly brushing up of the coat will keep it shiny and soft as it sheds dirt readily. During the time the collie sheds its coat; extra care needs to be taken in order to keep the coat in good condition. The type with a smooth coat should not be brushed more than once in every two weeks. Matting and tangling is very common in Collies, and if there are big knots, these should be cut out gently so that the dog does not go through any pain while brushing.


Collies require regular exercise in order to keep them fit and lean. Long daily walks in packs are a great option to keep the dog physically and mentally fit and stable. Allow the god to run around freely in any safe park, without a leash as they enjoy regular romps. Plenty of exercise is a must so that the Collie remains lean and strong.

Height & Weight

The average height of a normal Collie goes from 24 to 26 inches in most males and from 24 to 26 inches in most females. Male collies weigh 60 to 75 pounds approximately and females, 50 to 60 pounds on an average.

Collies are generally very healthy and fit dogs if taken care of in a proper and well maintained environment. With the best training, these dogs can make the best pets.

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