Most Popular Big Fluffy Dog Breeds

If you like your dogs big and fluffy, this article is for you! The four breeds which follow are as adorable as they are loyal and lovable, and they’re bigger than the average dog. with outsized personalities to match. They love to work as much as they love to play and they make great companions…


Top 5 Big Dogs That Don’t Smell

A bad smell is one of those things that puts people off dogs, no matter how cute they are! But, however cute and friendly your little friend is, it is normal for it to smell at some point. Nevertheless, there are some dogs that naturally smell less than others! There are a few unique characteristics…


Big Dogs That Are Good With Kids

All dog breeds are usually good with children. However, some children may tend to be fearful of big dogs because of their size. The fact that picking a pup from among the different large breed dogs can sometimes be confusing for a parent, choosing a breed by its temperament, disposition, energy level – all of…


Dog Toys for Large Dog Breeds in the UK

If you are looking for large dog toys in the UK then look no further than They stock a great range of durable dog toys, soft dog toys and puppy dog toys all aimed at catering for the needs of large dog breeds. can provide you with dog toys from such well known…


Top 5 big dogs that don’t shed

It’s hard to imagine that there are large dogs out there that won’t shed their fur all over your carpet. But these dogs do exist! There are several large breeds that have coats that grow slowly and predictably. This means less clean-up for you! Here is our top 5 dogs that don’t shed, which won’t…