Trainability 55%
Shedding 25%
Energy 15%
Watchdog 35%
Good with children 65%
Popularity 25%


When it comes to choosing a pet dog, people usually find smaller dogs as a better choice. But the bigger breeds have a lot more benefits to them which set them apart from the smaller ones. People choose smaller dogs because they find it easier and cheaper to maintain and take care of but these dogs are usually very aggressive and can be quite dangerous to own. Bigger dogs on the other hand are a lot easier to train and are found to be more comfortable around people, known and unknown. One such dog is the Bernese Mountain Dog. A detailed description of the dog is mentioned below.


This dog is extremely strong, agile and sturdy. Its body is just a bit bigger than its tail and has a relatively flattened head at the top. The head is broad and its teeth meet to form a scissors pattern for a close bite. The Bernese has triangular shaped ears that are medium sized and is located at the top of the head. They are round at the tip. Their tail is fluffy and is usually low. They have very strong legs with rounded feet and the toes are arched. The fur of the dog is resistant to different weather and is quite long and thick. Their hair is either straight or wavy and has a mix of three colors, black, white and rust.


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a perfect pet because they are very loving and comfortable around people and especially children. They are very easily trained and are extremely intelligent animals. They are confident and alert which make them brilliant watchdogs. They are playful from the puppy stage and remain this way even when they grow. They are comfortable around humans as well as other dogs and other animals. They need to be around people and not secluded and kept alone in a kennel or in the back yard.


The Bernese has a thick coat with long hair and thus they require constant care. Their fur needs to be brushed daily or at least thrice a week to maintain a smooth coat. When the dog is shedding, extra care should be put in for retaining the coat. They should be given baths regularly to keep the shine and softness in their fur. Dry shampooing is also advised. The dog is a heavy shedder during their seasons.


This is a very important part of having a large dog like the Bernese Mountain Dog. Proper and regular exercise is a must when it comes to these dogs as they become very lazy if not maintained. Daily walks that last for at least half an hour should be followed very strictly. Playing games like fetch is also a useful exercise to maintain the dog’s fitness.

Height & Weight

The usual heights of these dogs reach 24 to 28 inches for males and 23 to 27 inches for females. Their weight is usually around 85 to 110 pounds for males and 80 to 105 pounds for the females.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a beautiful animal and loving friend. They are a perfect mix of playfulness and obedience which make them the perfect pet for any home. They live for about 6 to 8 years and were originally found in the Swiss mountains. Because of their hard working attitude, they were used to pull carts to market places and drive cattle. Later they were brought into other countries and were used as domestic pets. Their main talents are search and rescue, herding, tracking and watch guarding.

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