Information on big dog breeds

This is the place for you. Get all the information you need about big dog breeds here, dog train-ability, how much they shed, how big they get, we’ve got it all covered for you in one convenient location! Take a look below for the top 10 big dogs to get you started.


Top 10 big dog breeds

8. Husky

9. Collie

If you are planning on bringing a new pet dog into your family, it is essential to choose the correct breed that suits your family lifestyle. Over many decades, dogs and humans have become great friends and most people cannot imagine living without their pets. No matter what size the dog may be, they provide their owners and families with a sense of stability, support, love and a great deal of companionship.

Bringing a new member into any family brings a lot of joy and excitement and the very thought of a new furry pet is fantastic! However, before bringing any pet whether a big dog or small one into a family, there are many things that need to be considered. With the many different kinds of dogs that are available in many different varied sizes and types, colors and temperament, it is not easy in selecting the best one. Adoption of a dog is a big responsibility and there are a lot of needs that need to be met in terms of food, exercise, training, love and many other material needs. Today, let us take a close look at the different factors that need to be considered when choosing a big dog.

Choice of big dog breeds

Choosing your dog may not be as easy as you think. Most people like dogs that are small as they are easier to take care of, but there are many people who are passionate about bigger, larger breed dogs (like us!). All this majorly depends on the space that you have available in your home. Larger spaces make it easier for big dogs to play and walk around freely. Also, if there are smaller children in your family, it is better not to choose a large dog as they can be rough at times and cause accidental injuries. So if you have a large home, then you can choose a big dog breed.

Purpose of buying a pet

Before selecting a big breed dog, it is important to decide and consider the reasons for wanting him. If you are in search of a good guard or watchdog, then a big dog is a great option. Do not base your selection merely on appearance, as a big breed dog will be just as playful but also a great protector. Bigger dogs make better watch dogs and guard dogs and most of them are used in the military and police. Hence for those looking for a big dog to keep their family protected from burglars and thieves, this is the best choice for you.


Adequate amount of training is extremely essential for big dogs. For those who would like to get a big dog, they should ensure that they have the time and energy to give towards their pet in time of training. Teaching a big dog to heel, fetch, walk on a special leash, and many other behavioral activities is very important. A big dog can be a bit more harmful than a smaller dog and accidents can happen, hence it is necessary to ensure that the dog is taught how to behave when in front of strangers and children etc and this can only be done if you have the time to give to your pet and how fast a learner your pet can be. This is even more important should you hire a professional dog walker for exercise, being obedient is vital to a stress free and happy relationship with your furry friend.


Proper care and nutrition is a must when it comes to taking responsibility of a big dog. The weight and age of any dog are the main factors that need to be looked at when choosing dog food. Specific breeds require a certain kind of food and certain food are given to different pets to target certain health issues. The food that is given to your dog should be the best and most suitable for him and from which he can benefit. Large dogs require more amount of food and nutrition, therefore the expenses are more. Furthermore, in regards to maintenance, all dogs must be kept clean and big dogs with longer coats must be given extra care to keep them shiny and soft. Regular grooming is a must especially in times of shedding. Big dogs that shed more must be brushed and bathed regularly with the correct shampoos and appropriate grooming kits in order to keep their coat soft and dense.


Most big dogs get along extremely well with children and younger members of the family, but many a time, this is not the case and it merely depends on the pet alone. The choice of a big dog is not necessarily a bad option, but the size must be considered if there are small children at home as mishaps can take place. When looking for the right dog from a choice of big dog breeds, it is a must to consider the age of the family members as well as the age of the dog. For those who would like a big dog anyway, there are always special gates that can be used to keep the dog far from the child when not under adult supervision.

Allergies and medicines

At some point in time, every dog requires certain medicines and a certain amount of health care. When it comes to larger dogs, the medical expense can definitely increase; hence a special emergency fund must be kept away for situations such as these. Yearly expenses that deal with injections, vaccines and special medicines, must be given to the dog in order for him not to get any infections and allergies. Unlike smaller dogs, bigger dogs require much more frequent visits to the vet during their young age, as well as when they are older. Medicines that help with heart-worm, ticks and fleas must be given, and bigger dogs with longer coats would incur higher expenses.

These are some of the important factors that need to be considered when choosing your dog to bring home to your family. It is not a decision that can be taken lightly when selecting the right breed and size. It is definitely a decision that can change your life as well as for the rest of your entire family, so you would want to explore all the many different options and consider all the above factors before choosing the best one to bring home.